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"You need this. Amazing. I've never even heard of a class like this and this one is re-shaping my reality every day. This new perspective comes with step-by-step instructions on how to make your mind more useful, agile, stronger, and confident. So far I experience less stress, more happiness, and way more progress in the things I care about."  - Mike Wells


"I love these concepts because they are super-effective, simple and easy to apply. The 3X model allows me to be present and curious in any moment, and to know what to do to live honestly to my values. It's a great way to accept life as it is, and live richly in whatever situation life throws at me. I highly recommend it!" - Marek Sanders


"Using the 3X model has been a game changer. I used to expend a LOT of energy in worrying about what to say, how to say it, how the other person would react. Now, I don't plan a single thing I'm going to say. I just 3X it the whole way. The result? Way less stress, way more interesting conversations, and much much deeper connections". - Mitchell Kwan


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